DC voltage power supply for low voltage and high current users, with active regulation of the output current, which can be set remotely on BUS PROFINET.

The device converts the voltage of three-phase grid into a continuous source with output currents up to 1000A.

The active double electrical conversion and the galvanic isolation between input and output allow to obtain a very accurate output power stability, as well as the possibility of increasing the system power with a modularity of up to four converters, in series / parallel configuration to reach the voltage and current that need to be obtained.

This type of MESAR power supply is currently used in the service of hydrogen and oxygen production Electrolysers.

Technical features:

Nominal Output Power: 150 kW
Nominal Main Input Voltage: 400 Vac ± 10 %
Main Input Distribution: 3P
Input Frequency: 50 Hz ± 0.5 %
Power Factor (In the setting range): > 0.9
Waveform of the input voltageo: Sinusoidale
THDi Input: < 13 %
Output current adjustment range: 100…1050 Adc
Output current adjustment range: 0 … 150 Vdc
Cooling: Ventilazione forzata
Full load efficiency at 45°C: > 95 %

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